Grass fire aftermath

How dry is it?

FARGO – The Red River stayed within its banks after the spring melt, dust devils are back, and a passing train recently left a wake of grass fires stretching over 20 miles. It’s been a dry spring so far in the southern Red River Valley. In an area where the weather often swings abruptly from one extreme to another, some wonder if this might portend a drought.

Steve Stark

'Mr. History' visits Fargo students

FARGO – Who’s faster than a speeding cartoonist? Able to leap centuries in a single costume change? Look! At the back of the library. Is that a trapper? Is that a trader? No. It’s Mr. History!

Sarah’s Banana Bread

Home with the Lost Italian: Bananas for popular quick bread

Baking is a passion of mine, and I find the entire process therapeutic. It’s one of the few activities in which I am able to completely focus on the task at hand without my never-ending to-do list running through my mind.

Coyote in mall corridor

Coyote released after wandering into West Acres mall

FARGO – A small coyote was safely released after wandering into a back corridor of the West Acres mall here Tuesday afternoon.

Scotch draws Wednesday's headlines

Scotch draws Wednesday's headlines


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